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The Dreamy Smile™ Stains Extractor V9, also known as the patented Dreamy Smile™ nanofibers sponge dental whitening kit, is a solution for fast and natural teeth whitening. Indeed, the sponge composed of nanofibers in 3D structure provide a natural and immediate absorption of stubborn stains on the surface of the teeth allowing all the dentition to quickly regain its original white color.

Characteristics of the sponge:
a. No toxics, no peroxide, no chemicals, no abrasives.
b. Extraction effect in only 2 minutes with stains extracted visible on the sponge.
c. Concrete whitening result after 30 days of use.
d. Requires only clear water.

The Dreamy Smile™ Stains Extractor V9 is made from a patented aminoplast resin sponge strip, a new type of material developed and patented. It represents the latest eco-responsible tooth whitening kit, specially designed to remove tartar from cigarettes, coffee, tea, areca nut and other food colors.

Composition: a patented technology sponge made from high density aminoplast resin. A handle made from polypropylene plastic.

The patented aminoplast resin sponge contains no chemicals.

The Dreamy Smile™ Stains Extractor V9 is designed and developed thanks to the most recent 4th generation of nanofibers technology, which makes it possible to obtain a sponge not only very fine and durable but also gives it an extraordinary absorption capacity thanks to its structure 3D nano capillaries. The patented aminoplast resin sponge is made for whiten teeth. The patented high-tech aminoplast resin sponge, once moistened, forms thousands of nano capillaries whose special 3D structure gives them a very high absorption capacity. The goal is to remove tartar and other stains on the teeth, without chemicals and without damaging the enamel.

Unlike other dental whitening systems on the market, the Dreamy Smile™ Stains Extractor V9 makes possible to whiten teeth only thanks to its aminoplast resin sponge. This avant-garde, patented and laboratory tested material has the natural property of extracting particles from dental stains on the surface of dental enamel.

Yes. The effect of stains extraction is visible as soon as you use the sponge on your teeth for 1 to 2 minutes. The color of the sponge, which changes from white to brown, shows that some of the stains and tartar have been removed from the surface of the teeth.

Yes. We have an SGS (Swiss Laboratory) report and a safety data sheet for the products. Our factory is TUV approved.

The result can be visible after the first use, the time required to completely clean a teeth depends of the amount of tartar and stains:

a. Small amount of tartar / stains on the teeth: less than 1 week may be enough to remove the stains.

b. Medium amount of tartar / stains on teeth: between 1 and 2 weeks of daily use can remove all stains.

c. Lots of tartar / stains on the teeth: it usually takes 1 or 2 complete kits to completely extract severly stained teeth. The usage must be done daily according to the instructions for use.

Mainly after 15 days of daily usage, all stains are extracted and the original color of the teeth remains visible.

Peroxide whitening toothpaste is effective for teeth whitening, but its use has been strictly limited by a medical ordinance due to undeniable side effects. Products with very little peroxide, on the other hand, are of almost no use.

In the case of very stained teeth, several uses are necessary to extract all stains and restore the original color of the teeth. Mainly it takes less than a month of daily use. Tip: start by cleaning a single tooth, for tooth-to-tooth cleaning

The product is designed to remove stains from tobacco, coffee, tea, food coloring and other stains that are difficult to remove. So don't consider it a toothpaste to use to clean your teeth twice a day. You should only use it when you have stains on your teeth and want to remove them. The frequency of use and the amount of cleaning sponge tape to use depends on the size and thickness of the stains that have appeared.

It is recommended to use it once a day, every day. When the tartar / stains have completely disappeared, use every 15-20 days will maintain the condition of the teeth and prevent a return of discoloration.

The use of the product is not recommended for children, sick people, pregnant or breastfeeding women and all people who have a dental infection.

Natural tooth cleaning / whitening is a long-term care process. It all depends on people's lifestyle and eating habits. Generally, we can count a very good result after 15 days. But this period will be shorter for heavy smokers or people who drink a lot of tea or coffee. We recommend using it regularly to keep white teeth, for example once every 15 days. It depends on everyone's habits.

The shelf life before expiration is 4 years.